Selling on Facebook with Shopify: Why Use a Facebook App

Selling on Facebook with Shopify: Why Use a Facebook App

There are a few different ways to integrate Shopify and Facebook, but a Facebook app is the simplest and fastest way for sure! If you are interested in selling on Facebook with Shopify here is why you should use a Facebook app!


Facebook apps make things simpler! They have become an essential part of building an ecommerce business.

There are lots of ecommerce website builders out there but none of them have done what Shopify has done. With the Facebook app (you can find this app in the Shopify App Store) you can build an online store right on your Facebook business page.

All you have to do is download the Facebook app, add your products, and you’ll have an active and ready online store in no time.

Facebook Messenger app is also a must-use app when selling on Facebook with Shopify. You can easily personalize the shopping experience with Facebook Messenger and allow your customers to purchase your products directly in chat. The buyers can track their orders in real time.

There are a few different ways to integrate your Shopify store with Facebook, such as installing Facebook’s tracking pixel in Shopify, syncing a Facebook shop with your Shopify store, downloading and using the Facebook App, and etc.

Why use Facebook apps:

It is pretty simple – Facebook apps make it super easy for you to sell online:

  • Fast setup: You can start your Facebook store in a matter of minutes. Technical skills, knowledge or experience are not required for you to set up your store.
  • Seamless syncing: You can make changes to your products right from your dashboard. The Facebook store will update instantly.
  • Totally integrated: The Shopify store and your Facebook shop are completely integrated. In order words, you can sell faster with Shopify/Facebook apps.

Selling on Facebook with Shopify is a great way for you to meet new people, attract new visitors to your store, and double the traffic. If you are looking for a new way to promote your Shopify store, Facebook is an excellent strategy to try!

You can also use Facebook ads to additionally promote your Shopify store and the products you sell. Come up with some catchy Facebook ads, plan promotions, special offers, and discounts and watch your sales grow in no time.

What is your experience with selling on Facebook with Shopify? Are you happy with your sales?

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