Selling on Facebook with Shopify: How to Set Up a Facebook Shop with Shopify Lite Plan

Selling on Facebook with Shopify: How to Set Up a Facebook Shop with Shopify Lite Plan

Using the Shopify Lite Plan is the cheapest way to sell on Facebook with Shopify! Here is how to set up your own Facebook shop!


In this article, we will show you how to add a Facebook shop using the Shopify platform if you choose to use Shopify Lite Plan.

Shopify Lite Plan is the best way to go if you are interested in selling on Facebook with Shopify. If you don’t need other features, this is the perfect ecommerce plan for you to use.

Go to the Shopify website, open the pricing page, and scroll down towards the bottom of the page. You will find an option View the Shopify Lite Plan.

The thing we like most about Shopify is how simple it is to use. You can create multiple shops with the same email. Enter your store name, your email, and your password and click “Create Your Store”. Don’t panic if you have to wait for a second or two. The system is creating your store, so sit tight and wait.

The next thing you need to do is tell Shopify a little about yourself and your business and click “Next”. Enter your business address and click – Enter My Store. It is super easy, right?

Clicking the “Enter My Store” button will automatically redirect to the admin dashboard with Facebook sales channel (this is usually pre-selected). On the page below, find “Connect Account” option and click.

This will trigger the Facebook app authorization popup. Find “Continue as (your business name)” then “OK”.

Once you are done, go back to your Shopify admin dashboard. You will notice that the Facebook account is connected and your business page appears in the list. You can now choose a Facebook business page and then click “Connect page”.

We highly recommend you to read and accept all Facebook terms and conditions. By accepting the terms, your Facebook page will enter into pending review status. Facebook usually takes up to 48 hours to review your new page.

If everything is okay, you will receive a notification informing you that your Facebook shop has been approved. Now, you can add products and start selling!

Selling on Facebook using Shopify comes with numerous benefits and it is what your brand needs right now! Start selling today and enjoy the benefits of selling online with Shopify and Facebook.

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